Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Making an Impact that matters in our community

What Corporate Responsibility means to Diana Carmichael:

Core to the operating strategy of any enlightened business is a dedication to responsible business practice, the creation of a quality workplace environment, and an awareness of their impact on local communities. At Diana Carmichael, we are passionate about giving back to society. Whenever possible we choose small businesses as suppliers, and in doing so we support women and by implication their families.

Diana Carmichael partners with Smart Meals Africa, an organisation which packs a well-balanced meal bag that contains: rice, lentils, and dehydrated vegetables, and distributes these to the poorest communities. One bag, which costs just R15, feeds up to 6 people. A percentage of every Diana Carmichael product sold goes to Smart Meals Africa, helping to support families with the provision of nutrition. For more details about Smart Meals Africa visit




Ideas for Internation Nelson Mandela Day 2020

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most Mandela Day celebrations will be digital! This means you can volunteer safely from your home or office – by using your skills and interests to help a Cause – online!

R5 Virtual Dinner Party

Host a zoom dinner party and charity auction, where the meal budget is R5 per person as a way of identifying with the millions who live below the poverty line.

Use Your Social Influence

Commit to using some of your time spent on social media to create awareness for a local non-profit that is close to your heart. Commit to interacting (liking, commenting on, and sharing) 67 of their posts over the next 6 months.

Open your Wallet

Donate towards a worthy cause. You can visit to support our charity of choice, or a cause that is close to your heart.