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Usiba Iwe Nyoni

Native to Africa, the Ostrich has inspired cultures and civilizations for over 5000 years. In Ancient Egypt, the Ostrich had great spiritual and religious significance.

Crystal d'Afrique

The Crystal d’Afrique range perfectly blends the strength of stainless steel, the soft glow of lead-free pewter and the sparkle of a genuine Swarovski crystal.

Cheetah Africa

The fastest mammal on earth is immortalized in this striking range.

Impondo Zulu

Inspired by the African Antelope, this sophisticated and functional range of tableware features a highly polished Springbok horn as the handle.


The slender handle of this design represents the sleek form of the African male hunter.


The handle now takes on the sensuous shape of a woman’s body and personifies the female form.


Inspiration from the natural environment was used to create this simple, elegant design.


The entire handle is covered with sparkling metal studs which lend the range a totally distinctive look.

Tableware Catalogue (7MB)

Download our 2017 Tableware Catalogue by clicking on the PDF logo. You will need Adobe Reader to view the file. If you do not have Adobe Reader download it for free here.