9 Cheese pairings that will make your head spin.

Looking for some unusual cheese pairings for your Easter table? We found some stunning ideas on the Cheese Professor website.

Feta and Watermelon

Watermelon and feta with a bit of balsamic vinegar drizzled on top. The sweet juices of the watermelon marinate the salty feta for the perfect sweet/salty combination, and the balsamic adds a zippy touch of acid to bring it all together.  Watermelon functions here almost like a juicier, sweeter tomato for a pairing that walks the line between savory salad and fruit salad. This simple combination is only made better with a few sprigs of fresh mint and a pinch of salt.

Goat Gouda and Thin Mint Cookies

You can add a little bit of raspberry jelly to the mix  as well. This is the perfect bite of everything. A little sweet and tangy from the goat gouda with the warmth of mint, chocolate undertones, and fruity jam…tastes like a frozen daiquiri with mint garnish

Blue Cheese and Fudge Brownies

 The intricate sweet and salty balance here is key, utilizing a creamy and mild blue to bring just a slight sting to the situation.

Aged Goat Cheese and Absinthe

The blast of herbaceous brightness in absinthe works beautifully with a French-style goat tomme.  Incidentally, absinthe is also great with Gorgonzola.”

Creamy Washed Rind Cheeses and Potato Chips

This is apparently a nearly unanimous opinion among the cheese-conscious, because not one, not two, but three independently polled, certified Cheese People called it out. Who needs chip dip when you can get that umami, oniony creaminess in a perfectly ripened, funky cheese?

The salty and crunchy flavor of the chip is a delicious complement to the rich and savory complexities of the cheese. This cheese also has subtle notes of sour cream, which obviously is a dream pairing for a potato chip!

Cheddar and Niknaks / Doritos Sweet Chilli Flavours.

The richness and sweetness being just with the crunch and spice is pure magic.

Comté and an Old Fashioned Bourbon

 This cheeses has flavor notes of nuts, fruit, herbs, and caramel. Those notes work beautifully with a bourbon old fashioned containing plenty of bitters and a thick swath of orange peel for garnish adds something special.

Delice de Bourgogne and Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Not your everyday cookies and cream. If frosting were a cheese, it would definitely be a gooey, French triple creme. In that spirit, buttery crispness of cookies, meet the buttery creaminess of Delice de Bourgogne. A hint of buckwheat in the cookie gives just enough of an edge to the proceedings so that the delicate earthiness in the cheese has something to wink at.

Manchego and Spent Juice Pulp

A three-to-four month aged Manchego in a fresh tortilla makes an amazing and bright quesadilla. Bright in color, as in flavor, the mystery mix of whatever you’re juicing brings herbaceous, vegetal, citrus, and even spicy notes to mingle with the rich, tangy, and even fruity Manchego.

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